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Grocery Getter (Part 3)

Gumball 3000 - 2009
Posted May 11 2009 09:21 PM by BremboGuy 
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Hood Large


As Denis Rodman waved the flag to officially start the 2009 Gumball 3000 Rally, all 130 cars made their way out of the beach parking lot, towards Pacific Coast Hwy, and on to Interstate 10. From there we would head to Anaheim as VIP guests at the D1 DRIFT Drift event. A few of us took this chance to check out the motorcycle stunt show, drift demo, some of the "talent" lingering track side, including a few more Gumball rides...

Moto Large
Drift Large
Talent large
Porsche Large
Lambo Large

After a catered lunch and some time to decide how we wanted to regroup for the 250+ mile drive to Las Vegas, we made our way back to our cars and headed for the highway. The trip to Nevada was a blast to say the least and the good news is that we were able to enjoy ourselves without any major incidents. A few tickets were handed out to those willing to press their luck, and a few close calls made for some great stories during our champagne reception at the Hard Rock Hotel in Sin City. One such story involved an unnamed Audi driver, two Porsche conspirators, and triple digit speeds (let's just pretend they were kilometers). The staring role goes to a police officer in a very good mood, and the plot dictated the next 125 miles with our own...ur, I mean their own...personal chaperon ALL THE WAY to the California/Nevada state line; the entire time never exceeding the posted speed limit of 70 mph.

Most of the evening in Vegas still remains a blur, and as cliche as it sounds, what happens in Vegas...well, you get the idea. Gumball put together a brilliant meal complete with a rockin concert performed by the Cult and followed by our own VIP party at Body English. Most of the Gumballers made their way through the party at one point or another and many went off to do their own thing. The only common objective was to try and get some amount of sleep before our 11:00 departure time the next morning.

Here's some photo's from the parking lot atop the Hard Rock...

Vegas Large (L)
Vegas Large (C)
Vegas Large (R)

And Now for the Bad NEWS

5 Route cards down out of the full 23 between Santa Monica and Miami. If the past 48 hours is any indication of the coming days, I would have been taking full advantage of Monster Energy's contribution of ice cold energy drinks at every stop along the way. The bad news is come that Sunday morning instead of following Route Card 6/23, Hoover Dam to Sedona, I would be driving straight back to Los Angeles to follow the rest of the trip from behind this computer monitor  rather than behind the steering wheel of the Grocery Getter

You can see each and every Gumball 300 Route Card right here.

Preparations of the Audi A3 for this trip included fresh brake pads in the Brembo Gran Turismo brake kit, new Michelin Pilot Sports on the 18" BBS CK wheels, and a ride height adjustment to the H&R coilovers to take control along the many different road conditions we had ahead of us. What I wasn't able to properly prepare for was the couple unfortunate events that would plague our evening in Vegas. They say bad things happen in three's, and as much as I have been looking forward to this adventure, I wasn't about the press my luck as we headed more and more miles away from my home base. Long story short, we pulled the plug on the remainder of the trip, and instead of writing this blog from hotel rooms in Santa Fe / Dallas / New Orleans /or/ Miami, I am on my own couch at home sorting through just a portion of the photos that would have been, and the video you should have seen.

I will do my best to get a video of the fun we did have, up and live as soon as I can. For now, enjoy the photos in the past 3 parts, and stay tuned for part 4.


  Gary Cogis - BremboGuy

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