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F1 2012:The Madden of Premier Motorsports Racing

F1 2012 Game Play
Posted November 14 2012 03:56 PM by eurotuner 
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F1 2012 in car

 All the F1 action you love to watch, is even better in your hands

 When we receive new racing games we have to take them with a grain of salt. Sure everything is best reviewed with a sense of relativity to your game playing preference but for us if it has anything to do with a motor and four wheels you can count us in.

When the F1 game series started fans across the globe were beyond excited to get out of other racing simulators and into a dedicated F1 game. Experiences the same tracks and wheel-to-wheel action they love to watch on their TV screens. Now they had to a chance to really see if they could hack it in one of the most advanced automobiles in modern history.

F1 2012 Lotus taking on the rain

F1 2012 quite literally gives you all the real world feedback F1 drivers experience. An intense, and rather long winded, training program takes you from acceleration and braking exercises to technical line training and even proper overtaking techniques.

Once training is completed and the game finds you worthy enough, you are off competing for championship points across the world. Your personal team of engineers provides all the data, while your trusty crew manager breaks down where you need to pick up the pace and when to conserve your tires.

If you think jumping in and slamming on the throttle will win you the championship, you might want to take a moment to readjust your strategy when approaching this game. Here you have to be in it to win it.  

Entering into the Championship mode you test your skills against six current World Champion F1 drivers on a grid of 24 cars in all sorts of weather conditions. Drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso make you earn your qualifying position and eventually your podium finish. Although watching them leave you in the dust, taking corners and straightaways harder and more effectively than you is a wonderful learning curve and just plain fun to watch.

We found that F1 2012 is one of the most exhilarating and technically advanced F1 simulators on the planet. No wonder this series won the BAFTA award. Its detailed graphics, insane real-world racing culture and environment make you feel like you ended your work day and seamlessly transitioned into becoming the next F1 World Champion in a matter of seconds.  

F1 2012 McLaren on COTA S-turns

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